©︎Benjamin Paulus

Streepz is a Japanese female duo consisting of

vocalist Sah-Yah and pianist Emj, formed in 2021.

Inspired by a variety of artists, such as Jamiroquai, Justin Timberlake,

Mayer Hawthorne, Stromae, Stephen Sondheim, and Nikolai Kapustin.

Streepz is pursuing “Mimi-Fuku” sounds that take you far from reality and

will make your body move instinctively without understanding the lyrics. 


Sah-Yah (vocal/writer)

Born in Tochigi. She studied music, dance, and acting in colleges in Tokyo and Hamburg. After college she started working as a professional actress in Japan. Her best known performances are for Musical Theaters such as “West Side Story”, “ZEROTOPIA”, “Ue wo Shita eno Giretta(written by Osamu Tezuka)" in Japan.


Emj (key/writer)

Originally from Tokyo. After graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Film Scoring concentration,  she started her career as a professional pianist in the United States. Currently, besides working for music colleges and ballet school, she is scoring music for films and live concerts in the world.