11/6/21                                 Streepz wrote an original song 「Heroes」for Batman Ninja The Show


11/7/21                                 2nd Single「Day Dreamy」is introduced as a USEN Indies Ranking


11/6/21                                 2nd Single 「Day Dreamy」is selected for USEN MUSIC TANK POWER PUSH.

             It will be aired in streets and stores between 11/6-11/12

9/14/21                                 3rd Single「Kasumibare feat. Tim Liao (English ver.)」is out now!

9/2/21                                   3rd Single「Kasumibare (Japanese ver.)」is out now!

9/1/21                                 「Day Dreamy」Acoustic version is released on YouTube

6/23/21                                 2nd Single 「Day Dreamy」is out now!

6/11/21                               「Soliloquy feat. monolog」 is chosen for the steaming

                                               in "MUSIC TANK Selection" Channel by USEN


6/1/21 - 6/30/21                「Soliloquy feat. monolog」 is selected for streaming

                                               during the whole month of June at FM Yugao 

5/28/21                               「Soliloquy feat. monolog」 was selected by TOWER DOORS YouTube Channnel


4/26/21                                 Our interview will be on air at FM Yokohama "Kanagawa Music Land" 


4/21/21                                 Streepz joined Women In Music chat #73 as a guest artist

4/16/21        「Soliloquy feat. monolog」is selected by Spotify Official Playlists

                                               ("New Music Wednesday", "Soul Music Japan", "J-Pop 新幹線", "都会の空と音楽と") 

4/11/21                                 1st Single「Soliloquy feat. monolog」is out now!

3/30/21                              「Soliooquy feat. monolog」won "Universal Music Yell Award"

            at Yume Kana Yell Music Video Contest 2021.


3/29/21                                Streepz is featured on YouTube program 

            "Beats de Roots #6 (Guest YUKI KANESAKA)" by Aine Fujioka